Otters Oasis

The Otters have arrived on Solana and they're heading for an Oasis filled with games, rewards, and so much more! Each Otters Oasis NFT serves as your all access pass to the Oasis ecosystem being built on Solana, AND entitles you to an airdrop of our upcoming utility/meme token!

Otters Oasis

The Otters Oasis are a unique NFT collection on Solana featuring 1,000 Otter PFP NFTs searching for an Oasis to call home. Each Otters Oasis NFT entitles holders to a free upcoming meme/utility token airdrop AND serves as your all access pass to the Oasis, an upcoming Dapp featuring gaming, staking, and more ways to earn!
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Otters Oasis is a unique collection of 1000 generated Otter PFPs that live on Solana! Each Otters Oasis NFT serves as your all access pass to the upcoming Oasis ecosystem and also entitles you to an SPL token airdrop!

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Looking to learn more about the Otters Oasis?

Check out our FAQ where we answer some of the most common questions!

What is the total supply?

The max supply of Otters Oasis is 1,000. The supply of Otters will NEVER be increased, and there will be no dillution in the form of additional NFTs. Otters Oasis will be the primary and only NFT in the ecosystem.

What is the mint price?

WL - 0.15 SOL
Public - 0.3 SOL

What are the mint funds used for?

The funds earned from mint will be used in the following fasion:

50% Token liquidity (locked 5+ years)
35% Post mint marketing
10% future development costs
5% Team

What is the Utility?

Your Otters Oasis NFT is not only an awesome PFP, it's your all access pass to the Oasis Ecosystem. In short, the Oasis is our upcoming dapp which will release post mint. The Dapp will have the following features available at launch: NFT & Token staking, yield farming, and 2 P2E games utilizing your Otters Oasis NFTs. Further along post launch, we will also introduce some interesting revenue sharing mechanics as our platform expands into offering launchpad and white label development services. We aim for the Oasis to become a true web3 hub for all of Solana.

What is the Oasis?

The Oasis is our Dapp on Solana, and will serve as the hub of the Otters ecosystem. All staking, gaming, earning and more will take place at the Oasis!

Will I get an airdrop?

Yes! If you mint, and hold your Otters Oasis NFT through the snapshot date, you will be entitled to receive an airdrop of our upcoming utility focused SPL token. This token will be distributed back to the community in the form of an airdrop, with the remaining being placed under a lock and distributed to the community over long periods of time in the form of staking, farming, p2e gaming rewards and more. We will release a full break down of the tokenomics and distribution at a later time.

Will I ever need to buy anything else to participate in the ecosystem?

NO! We're tired of projects that are set up in a way that sucks as much money out of you as possible. The Otters Oasis NFT truly is your all access pass to the ecosystem. Your Otters Oasis NFT + Airdrop allocation will set you up to participate, play, and earn within the Oasis ecosystem for life. Additional purchases, mints, etc etc are NOT nesecessary or expected.

Wen mint

WL Mint Date - January 6th 2024, Open for 24 Hours. Time: TBA
Public Mint Date - January 7th, 2024 (Open until minted out)

Otter Map

Stage 01

The Start

The Otters officially launch, our Twitter, Website, And Discord go live and the Otterlist officially opens up!

Stage 2

The Initial Push

We begin our initial push, growing our socials, Discord, and Whitelist. Mint officially opens and we begin the journey towards a sell out!

Stage 03

Sold Out

The Otters are officially sold out and the journey to the Oasis finally begins!

Stage 04

SPL Token Airdrop

Immediately after mint our token airdrop occurs, the majority of the supply is distributed to Otters Oasis NFT holders and liquidity is added and LOCKED.

Stage 05

Oasis Dapp Live

Post token airdrop, the Oasis dapp officially goes live. NFT and token holders will be able to stake, game, and earn immediately on launch day!

Phase 06

Oasis Dapp Revenue Sharing + More Features

Over time, additional features are added to the dapp, including a unique and sustainable revenue sharing mechanism. Otters Oasis NFT and token holders continue to unlock value in their holdings!

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